Headism is the début exhibition by Philip Levine featuring photography, sculpture and documentary video displaying the best of his iconic head designs.
London born Philip started using his head as a canvas for creativity back in 2006 when he began to go bald. He did not want to conform to shaving his head like everyone else so started using it as an art form to express. Philip's head designs have now become iconic around the world. As a tastemaker, he has gained recognition with sites including Trend Hunter and NotCot with such terms as 'Baldazzling'. His designs are inspiring men and women alike who might be bald.
Philip teams up with professional photographer Daniel Regan and body artist Kat Sinclair, continuously creating a wealth of designs that have ranged from his 1000-Swarovski crystal headpiece, to homages of such artists as Roy Lichtenstein and Hokusai painted on his head.

The exhibition is support by Gillette and was displayed at the NL Gallery in London during the first 2 weeks of May 2011



Exhibition Details

Headism was exhibited at the NL Dutch Cultural Pop Up Space between 4th - 9th May 2011.

NL Dutch Cultural Pop Up Space
40/42 Riding House Street
+44 (0)207 936 3466


Limited edition prints of the 10 images are sold in various sizes and it is also possible to purchase the head busts and doll. For any enquiries please email askphil@philsays.com.


Underground posters

In the run up to the launch of Headism ten images from the exhibition were showcased at various London Underground stations. From 11th April there was also a video projection promoting the show for one week on the westbound Central line platform at Liverpool Street supported by Art Below.



Philip Levine is a cultural entrepreneur and co-founder of Two Penny Blue, a creative agency. He is also co-founder of the collective Lazy Gramophone, a couture arts and design label and part of Courvoisier's The Future 500.

Philip also enjoys being bald.



Daniel Regan has been an obsessive image maker for over a decade and has successfully established himself as an internationally published portrait and fashion photographer. He has worked with clients ranging from large scale newspapers to independent fashion brands.

Body Artist


Kat Sinclair is a professional body artist with over ten years experience in the industry. Her artistic creations have been featured on film and tv and at major film premieres. She is one of the most highly respected artists within her field and is continuously sought after to produce high-end contemporary designs.



John & Tristan Schoonraad have over thirty years experience with prosthetics and special effects. Their outstanding work can be seen in Oscar winning films (Saving Private Ryan, The Wolfman) and they have worked with many of Hollywood's A-list celebrities and musicians.

Film Maker


Viviane Castillo is a recent film graduate of Dutch and Spanish heritage. Her documentary video will be part featured on the London Underground promoting the show. With a love for art and design she is hugely delighted to be a part of the Headism project as a kick start to her promising career.